Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Brief 1 // Yoke // Pro's & Con's

- VAT, risk assessment, health and safety.
- Traffic within corn exchange during the evening for the events through the week.
- Open submissions to students and / or leeds based studios.
- Management of screen printing and cost
- For sponsors - clear in what the event and what the sponsor will provide.
- Promotional material - send out at relevant time. After christmas.
- Blogs / publication for promotion - choose the right ones
- Documentation of the event throughout. photograph / film
- Organise photographer and filmographer for opening night.
- Maybe include village within the event week?
- Online selling - careful of paypal taking cuts - poster tubes for sending posters out.
- If selling work, designers would have to have cut of money.
- Pricing for selling artwork.
- Money for hiring of space covered by uni


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