Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Brief 2 : Nada Brand Development

Building our typefaces

To develop the typefaces we intend to produce further we want to expand our understanding of how a typeface work through studying existing examples. The examples above show a range of fonts varying in weights, height and sizes. We intend to build our font over existing examples so we can develop an understanding of the geometry, spacing and the sizing of the letters. We both have no experience in designing typefaces therefore we feel it is important to have a reference and a starting point to work with.

Now that myself and Tom has finalised all of the different variations of the typefaces we needed to digitise them to we could use them within brand and production of the artwork for anything we were going to create. This first process for this was to choose an existing typefaces from which we could work from to build own bespoke typefaces on top off. As the typefaces was only going to be used for the branding we felt it appropriate to work of the foundations of existing typefaces as developing our own from scratch would be time consuming and unnecessary given the wider aims and outcomes of the brief.

We explored a range of existing faces and decided to choose a face that came in a wide range of weight and one that worked well at it's heaviest weight as the modifications we are going make will something be happening within the internal space of the letterform.

Elements of the process proved to be both easy and complicated some letterforms were producing easily through adding or removing elements of the existing form however other letterform needed to be completely built from scratch in order to make them visually work correctly.

Although we have planned out all of the letterforms on paper when it came to digitising and articulating those drawn from into a digital presenting some of our ideas on paper didn't fully work in a digital format letterform therefore a process of experimentation with new ideas was employed until we developed a solution that worked.


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