Thursday, 28 November 2013

Brief 2 : Nada : Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Now that we had built our adaptive typeface that formed the Nada brand and built a range of pattern we put together a set of brand guidelines that detail how to use the brand but as a process this will be informing how we apply the brand to the packaging nets. 

We both agreed that we wanted to do some unusual with our brand guidelines rather than create a pdf booklet which is a common format for brand guidelines. We decided to create them as a banner print, which one long print with all our brand guidelines on. Our reasoning was that if it were to be an actual product and in production it could be something that designers put on the wall as a constant reference when designing for the brand rather than looking for a multi page pdf document. We are extremely happy with the result we think it both represents our brand but the format also works well, once we got it up in the studio we constantly found ourselves referring to it as a reference point when we were designing for Nada.

Below are sections of the banner we designed.


The Nada brand is an adaptive and flexible identity which is built upon a bespoke typeface which instills and encompasses our brand aesthetic and brand manifesto. The typography consists of 8 individual typefaces which when used dynamically build an adaptive brand identity. The logo mark has a static variant, this acts as the primary logo mark. However the brand is built upon the logo changing across products ranges and product types.


The Nada brand also consists of distinct patterns which have been developed to reflect both differing pasta forms and flavours within the Nada product range. The patterns use both the colour palette and the typefaces as inspiration, abstractly reflecting pasta shapes and forms as well as flavours. In the essence they are geometric, simplistic, continous and inherently bold, colourful and playful.


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