Sunday, 3 November 2013

Brief 2: Nada Research Book

As mentioned before myself and Tom have decided to develop the brief and answer the brief in our own way now that we have produced the work for the client we have embarked upon creating our own response to the brief. The first step in this process is to develop a body of research which looks at various aspects of design and solidifies our thinking behind what we want to do with the brand. We are conducting this research in the form of a booklet which brings together all of our thoughts into on conceptual research document. We have split the research booklet into 5 sections which define the areas of our brand and define our thought process behind the brand.

Brand Manifesto

Myself and Tom from the beginning knew that we wanted to do something completely different with this brand, we didn't want to be like every other pasta brand that's out there and there are many. We developed a brand manifesto with represents our thoughts on what we want to the brand to be, and that is a brand that not only encompasses good quality healthy food, but a brand that promote a positive body image to women. Nada is a healthy pasta product, but also much more than that it is a brand and lifestyle, the brand is about liberating women, embraces not only good food, but beauty and fashion. We are bringing together every aspect of how women look at them selves which is through beauty and fashion and uniting this with food and placing food on the same level as these other product. This is our manifesto and it is this that has influenced our entire research process.

Applied Branding

We started by looking at applied branding, which is are brands that have been applied to packaging. We explored the concepts they've developed in created a brand for packaging.

Mark Making

We explore mark making as an approach to create visual outcome which will influence our packaging design, which will be pattern based, in the same way that fabrics are produced through pattern and mark making.


We also look at various different forms of existing packaging as influences which can inform our ideas for packaging formats of our pasta.


We also conduct research into photography as a process to enhance the brand and also communicate our brand manifesto.


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