Thursday, 10 October 2013

Brief 2 : Skinny Tasty Love Me Branding

As mentioned the client's name for the product is 'Skinny, Tasty, Love me' myself and Tom did voice our concerns to the client about this name as we thought it was too long but the client wanted to stick with the name. So we did our best to develop a brand around this name. Initially we both discussed we needed to keep the logo mark as small as possible and avoid clutter. However the client did want icons to accompany the brand name. While Eve worked on developing icons to sit with the brand name I started to consider typography for the logotype. We separately worked on these aspects and then combined our worked together to develop something we were happy with. It wasn't any easy process as there was a lot going with the logo but we tried out best to keep it as simple as possible.

We tried a range of different compositions of the logotype and logo marks working together. We agreed that no of the above solutions were particularly successful as they lacked balance and still felt a little over complicated.

We both felt this was the best solution that we developed as it had a has better balance between the marks and the typography, they are much more equally weighted within this variant.  The final logo mark, in which typography and logo mark weights have been unified to create a fully balanced logo.

We also tried working with some different styles of stroke for the logo marks however we didn't feel this was very successful as it it felt to oriental which was a vibe we were trying to get away from with the brand as they are currently many brands selling similar products to this that have this eastern influenced design.

A sample of the typefaces that I explored for possible typography options for the logo type, I explored a range of more stylistic typefaces which I was intending would give the brand a more 'fashion', 'high end' vibe but I don't think this translated well. Myself and Eve therefore chose to use the Top typeface in the image above, which is sans-serif faces with nice character created through the rounded flicks on the letterforms, we thought this reflected well the looseness of noodles, it also kept the brand feeling current.


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