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Creative Networks : Red or dead research

Red or Dead 

Two young folk (aged 20 and 19) with no design training but with a real love of music and fashion, a can do attitude and with the impetuosity of youth set up a fashion label Red or Dead. Gerardine, whilst being untrained has already spent half a decade making all her clothes and Wayne has spent 6 years clubbing in self customised (and with the aide of a creative Mum) secondhand clothes. From emptying their wardrobes onto Camden Market at the turn of the 80s, to Gerardine getting an order from Macy's New York from her stall in Kensington Market in 1981 to notoriety, shops around the globe, 3 British Fashion Council Awards, Wayne, Gerardine and a wonderfully eclectic and, for the most part untrained club kids created a fashion brand whose anti establishment stance still resonates to this day.

Outlet in Kensington opens selling Gerardine’s designed and self-made clothes (she bough some fabric remnants in Blackburn Market.) First Red or Dead collection, inspired by Russian peasant clothing is an immediate success with large orders from US department store Macy’s. Small production unit and first ever Red or Dead shop opens in Blackburn, Lancashire. Red or Dead becomes first ever retailer to sell Dr Martens as a fashion item.

Footwear becomes a major force at Red or Dead – firstly old stock of 1950s and 1960s canvas then canvas stocked from the Far East.

Stores open in Camden and Manchester, selling a mixture of early Red or Dead clothing, second hand clothing, retro canvas and Dr Martens.

House Rules

Eclectic Brit Design since 1982
A unique, daring and accessible British brand with a healthy attitude, whose cutting edge design and innovative approach set a standard which others can only follow.

We only ask for your cooperation in our neighbourhood watch for innovative, challenging fashion enabling community spirit.

The house of Red or Dead offers creative and superior design across many product categories. We’re about being cheeky, savvy and sociable and we love a good house party.

Our brand fans... are not an age but a mindset - our parents had to conform and trade in their leathers and motorcycles for comfy sweaters and a sensible family saloon our patients do not. Our youthful ability to challenge the accepted norm and our willingness to experiment with our appearance.

We strive to… change - our relationship with our brand fans both in and out the house.


Hemingway's impish sense of humour has caused several run-ins with the establishment. These styles had to be pulled from the shops when the various companies accused Red or Dead of undermining their branding.


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