Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Brief 4 : Creative Networks Event 1

Vinyl Type

The size of the vinyl proved tricky to transfer onto the adhesive and also from the adhesive onto the wall. We felt that the best way to do this was to trim the adhesive as close to vinyl as possible so the mass of the transfer was as small as possible to work with. We then used this as a template to draw a straight line onto the wall and eventually transfer the Vinyl as straight as we possibly could.

The Vinyl was lined up directly behind the bar in the space, because this would be the main focal point of the evening.


Vinyl Logo

The logo was applied in a similar fashion on the pillar next to the bar. This helps to solidify the brand of Creative Networks and helps make the connection from the entrance and into the main seating and bar area.


It was pretty difficult to set-up the decor in the way which we had originally planned, because there was multiple exhibitions happening in the same area, as well as stalls that we're selling items, so we had to basically stick to one area around the bar.

We overlaid and scattered the posters around the best we could providing the space. We wanted to overlap the posters slightly, to play on the actual theme around the posters of collage and vintage british. The vinyl was applied directly behind the bar as a main focal point and the posters pasted around it. We also created 'MOD' inspired way-finding arrows which were pasted on the walls and floor and intervals to help tie the theme of the event into the direction in which the people in the space were moving.


The event went really well and people was asking if they could take some of the posters home which was good feedback. As this was a pretty last minute event, we're hoping that we can push the next event further on the ideas front and do some more interesting and unique stuff relating to the guest speaker.


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