Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Brief 4 : Creative Networks

Wayne Hemingway posters

Last week at our Creative Networks meeting we established with Marketing team which direction we were going when it came to the Wayne Hemingway posters and vinyl stickers. Collectively we came up with a few ideas, especially as Hemingway has done a lot in his career. However we did find this difficult because he is not known for one specific piece of work or style. 

Hemingway started out selling vintage cloths in Camden Market and in 2011 he went back to that and started the Vintage festival, which sparked a growing trend in vintage and retro festivals all over the UK. 

Sam, Abbas and myself all liked the idea of collaging lots of retro images together, however an idea sparked in my head after the meeting where we could take the Vintage festival logo and split it up in to a set of 7 posters as there is 7 letters in the word vintage. The Marketing team also did specify around 7 posters for the event there I vectorised each letter in the logo. 


There is a couple of letters I am not too keen about in the logo, especially the T and the E. I was informed that Hemingway liked kitch design therefore I don't we should change it completely. Below I thought about how we could display the posters, it isn't perfect but I kind of had the idea of making it look like bunting (to keep in with the British theme) This is a quick idea but there is scope. 

We collectively thought that the colour pallet should be the colours of the Union Jack to keep with the British theme of the night.


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