Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Brief 4 : Creative Networks Posters


Last week at our Creative Networks meeting we established with the Marketing team which direction we was going to head in when it came to the Wayne Hemingway posters and vinyl stickers for the Talk. Collectively we came up with a few ideas, revolving around the 'Vintage' style and focus within hemingway's designs through the use of colour palettes, vintage patterns and anything that is 'British' in design. We found it quite difficult because Hemingway has done a lot in his career and is not known for one specific piece of work or style but we felt that anything iconically 'British' was linked to him and design.

Hemingway started out selling vintage cloths in Camden Market and in 2011 he went back to that and started the Vintage festival, which sparked a growing trend in vintage and retro festivals all over the UK. 

Sam, Abbas and myself all liked the idea of collaging lots of retro images together, and we came up with the idea that the logo for Hemingway's Vintage Festival could be split up into a set of 7 posters as there is 7 letters in the word vintage. The Marketing team also did specify around 7 posters for the event which worked out perfectly. I went on to Vectors these letterforms so we work back into them with imagery and colour.


We each decided to take two letters (I took two) of the word Vintage and use the same visual approach to create a collection of 7 posters. We all knew which direction we wanted to take the visuals in and so was on the same page design wise. We wanted to use a combination of colour pattern and half-toned collaged imagery to give a 'Vintage, British, Mod' looking approach to the posters.

Other Posters

Abbas and Sam created the other 5 poster designs to complete the collection which we were pretty happy with for a quick turnaround for the fast approaching event. 


The posters were then printed A2 in size on Antique White Stock to get the 'Vintage' quality. We used bright colour swatchs of red and blue to make sure the colours came out crisp and popped on the stock. We're pretty pleased with these results. They will be hung around the walls of the Event. 


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