Saturday, 22 February 2014

Brief 3 : Wabi-Sabi : Look Books


Catalogue Autumn/Winter 2014


Identity, Strategy, Editorial and Web design for our very own annual magazine-book.

192 pages of shiny content. A limited edition run of 300 copies. Some of the finest contributors in art, journalism, fashion, and photography. This is P MAGAZINE — edited and curated by Face and photographers Cecy Young and Mariana GarcĂ­a — an annual, aesthetic object-book designed as a collector's edition.

The First Book is a vast collection of words and images, a dialogue between flesh and soul that basks in the glorification of universal female beauty, all of it showcased in a raw, visceral aesthetic.

To let the visual experience speak for itself, we kept the design as simple and unobtrusive as possible, focusing on a careful selection of fonts, margins, layouts, and materials that would only enhance it. We kept a tight lid on the quality of the entire product. Be it the packaging, the added goodies (a poster and a tote-bag), the editorial finesse, or the content itself, we made sure that it would all add up to this, our contribution to beauty.


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