Friday, 25 April 2014

BRIEF 10: Being : Market Research

As this was a new business model for a retail store there were no existing stores we could look at, we therefore explored a range of concept that various companies had put together about how technology could potentially be used within a retail or social setting. These were simple concepts at this stage and little thought to design was apparent.

Tom was aware of quite a lot of the technology that existed, therefore he took it on board as his job to point us in the right direction of what to research / videos to watch. Below are some of the research we found in one afternoon.  

Recruit Advanced Technology Lab

This concept explored a range of uses for different technology from using Kinectsensors to detect actions people performed at the table as well how holographic waiters and waitress maybe used in restaurants to replace actual staff, a little far fetched, we also wanted to focus more on enhancing the retail experience with technology rather than removing staff all together.

Microsoft PixelSense

For many years Microsoft has been developing technology to replaces traditional tables with interactive screens which recognise the people using them as well as objects placed on to them.

Mirai Restaurant of the Future

In a room isolated from the rest of the restaurant, there's a blue sky projected onto the ceiling. This is the next concept, and the technology used is all pretty familiar. A projector, microphone and Kinect sensor do the impressive part, while a PC joins them all together. Rather than raise a hand (or your voice) in an effort to flag down a waitress or waiter.

Interactive cocktail lounges at Logbar

Logbar in Tokyo issues customers with iPad Minis upon entry. The menu is on the tablet, which you can also use to communicate with other drinkers and view, "like" and order what they're drinking. You can even invent your own cocktail and add it to the menu, earning a 50 yen (about 30p) commission when someone else buys one.


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