Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Brief 2 : Nada Brief

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Brief 3 : Native Haze

Aim: To come up with a plan for the shoot- reschedule a set of dates and sort out ideas

Process: Jessie came round to my house and we decided to do an idea storming in my room. We re-looked at the visual inspiration and decide to pull ideas together.

Initial Research: Looked at Archipelago, Shufti Publications  Printed on Fedrigoni UK Paper- a thick, heavyweight paper.


‘Change in Water’- Tides
Daily occurrence- look at tides
Signify change in the shoot
Incorporate visual inspiration of the Pre-Raphaelites
Particularly J.W. waterhouse


Old diary

Organisation : Bus time tables

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Brief 1: The Corn Exchange

Last week Nathan and myself went to visit the Corn Exchange to look at potential spaces that we could use for the exhibition. After speaking to the management office we found out that they let the spaces for a minimum of 1 week for £100, this included all electricity, water, security etc. We were really surprised at this cost and it got us more excited about the project. Having the space for a week could expand this brief into something much more than an exhibition, which we both liked the idea of.

We were giving a phone number and contact to speak to about the hiring of the space. Today I rang up to speak about the hiring of the space. The company we were put in contact with were Anita Morris Associates, they deal with the hiring of spaces in the Corn Exchange. The phone call went really well. After being put on call with the right person - Anys who deals specifically with the Corn Exchange.

We spoke generally about the Corn Exchange and what we wanted to do there, and i was told that the corn exchange were wanting to go in this direction much more and into the future. They like the idea of the spaces being used for exhibition and pop up shops - it fits in well with the culture of space, so this was a great positive to start off with.

As alot of the spaces within the corn exchange are temporary and most of time the agency don't know how long they will be there for, plus the fact we don't want a space until February / March next year it was hard for them to give us a specific unit. Anys did say that because this was interesting to them and fits in well with the Corn Exchange itself, they could say they can provide us with the space, just not a specific unit at this point. This again was great news to us as we don't really mind which unit it is, on our visit we saw that the majority of them were the same size so that wasn't a problem, we were just happy that they could provide us with space.

Anys was a really friendly lady, she seemed interested and enthusiastic about our project and a good contact to have.

Moving Forward:

To move this logistic part of the brief forward we are to email more information about us as a collaboration and information on the exhibition and shop. Include information about the sort of things that will be going on during the week of hiring the space and specific dates of when we want it. This will then be passed on to the Corn Exchange management and a definite response to having a space available will be sent back to us.

As college also asked for a proposal form for the project, we are going to create one for both the college and the corn exchange. Now we have our branding sorted for the exhibition, this can be included and make everything more professional.

Brief 1: Invitation Research

It is important to make people aware of our exhibition so it is important to spend a decent amount of time researching and gathering up creative and engaging methods of making invitations. 

At the top of the blog post shows a striking graphical example of great use of grid and layout with an overlay use of a logo. It is very text heavy but the use of colour and grid really helps break up the information. A piece of strong graphic design like this would engage greatly if it was delivered in an envelope like the example above. Our exhibition is about creating dialogue so we like the idea of using envelopes with a twist. For example the one above is sewn around the edges so you have to make the conscious effort to tear it open. The attention to detail is great and it really engages a memorable mail shot.

We would also like to investigate a playful element to our invitations and the examples on this page display two perfect examples of innovative outcomes.

The example at the top shows an invite to an exhibition that is perferated allowing people to rip sections up. These sections make smaller versions of the original invitation so it makes some sort of chain mail for people to invite others. Again this relates back to our exhibition because it can create dialogue amoungst people via inviting one another to an event.

The example above is also very playful, the information can only be displayed through scratching off the wax to reveal the hidden message. This would be a great way of interacting with the viewer.

Here are some examples of a variation of envelopes that have been given a touch of personality through the use of printing textures on the flap, stickers that wrap around both sides and typographical messages on the front. They are all different but they all effectively work in the same way.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Brief 1: Branding Development

I have been looking into the branding further today, and I have discovered that the Yoke symbol is very versatile and could be applied in a range of creatives ways. It would be interesting to play around with the three shapes that make up the symbol and then put together some sort of brand guidelines. 

Brief 1: Exhibition spaces in Leeds

The Corn Exchange

Leeds Corn Exchange is one of Britain’s finest Victorian buildings and a Grade 1 listed structure. Designed by Cuthbert Brodrick and completed in 1864, Leeds Corn Exchange holds tremendous significance both as an architectural masterpiece and cultural icon.Leeds Corn Exchange is proud to champion the very best in creative, innovative and independent retail enterprises, and the building’s striking features provide the backdrop for a unique shopping experience. Now just one of three Corn Exchanges in the country which still operates in its traditional capacity as a centre for trade, Leeds Corn Exchange sits at the heart of the local community.

Our thoughts

The Corn Exchange is a beautiful building and there is already a crowd there who are into the arts and craft world. The shops are on the small side however the spaces are quite intermit and charming which may help us manage our project, especially (worse case scenario) if we don't get a substantial amount  of submissions.  We also talked to general management there and we discussed our idea about a pop up shop / exhibition and cost. Surprisingly they told us that it would be only £100 to rent out a top floor space at the Corn Exchange for a week.

Wharf Chambers

Wharf Chambers is a bar and multi-use venue in the centre of Leeds run by a workers co-op in partnership with a members club. 'We aim to provide an inclusive and affordable space for music, art, film, politics and discussion that brings together people from communities across Leeds.'

The events room is also available for daytime use by community groups, interest groups (craft, reading etc), wellbeing classes (yoga, meditation etc) and other uses as appropriate. As long-term residents of the city we are well aware of the lack of affordable city centre space for these kinds of activities.

Our thoughts

I went to an event at Wharf Chambers in second year, where Spur was doing their launch party. It was great environment for creatives to come together with a grungy DIY bar and basement. I remember the lighting being quite dark so I am not too sure how that will effect the display of our exhibition. The space is also very cheap to rent out.

White Cloth Gallery

The primary aim of White Cloth Photography and Film is to provide a unique space for established artists to exhibit and elevate projects of particular importance while at the same time providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. The gallery and its events space also has a pioneering vision to support the artistic community, encourage creativity and work alongside other local arts organisations to aid the city’s burgeoning development as a cultural centre and to become a go-to destination for art lovers everywhere.

Our thoughts

The White Cloth Gallery was a super smart and sophisticated space with a trendy and well coming bar area at the front and three gallery sections that spread throughout the building. The only space they had to offer us was the first gallery space which was held in the cafe area. The women we met explained that we were able to move the furniture out on the launch night however the cafe would have to run as normal the following day. The space was free however Nathan and myself both felt the space was not big enough and did not cater for our vision as there was also wall hanging restrictions.

Belgrave Music Hall

Located in Leeds’ vibrant Northern Quarter, Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen first opened its doors in 1934 as Leeds Children’s Palace, a 3-storey recreation hall and nursery school built to provide childcare support for the working families of Leeds.

After many years of neglect the building has been restored to its former glory and reopened under the name Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen with a hope that it will provide artists and performers with a unique new platform in one of the UK’s most creative cities.

Spread over three floors the venue comprises two bars, two kitchens, a 200 capacity event space and a spectacular roof terrace. We host live music, comedy, film and art exhibitions and serve fresh, canteen style food, amazing cask ales and premium craft beers as well as frozen cocktails and a wide range of teas and coffees.

Our thoughts

Belgrave is a great space with 3 separate floors rich with space (including the roof terrace) Amongst the target audience who go there, there are creatives and musicians. This would be a perfect place for people to come and meet, as there is food and drink catered for on site. We emailed Belgrave but we have not yet heard back from them. They have just opened so maybe they are high in demand or still working out what they are doing with the space. I guess we would have to consider that it is a working bar and the exhibition could not get in the way.

Leeds Gallery

Leeds Gallery Munro House is an independent commercial art gallery in Leeds, West Yorkshire specialising in Photography, Illustration and Fine Art. With a focus that is both local and national the gallery’s aim is to support local arts and culture while also bringing artists and their work to the city from further afield.

Exhibitions are on a 4 week turnaround. Work is hung using a flexible cable and track-based system, meaning we are able to take the space back to a ‘white box’ relatively quickly – this is particularly useful for ‘pop-up’ exhibitions and events.

Our thoughts

Leeds gallery is a great space however Leeds Print Festival uses the gallery in the spring, plus we think the space is out of our price range. The gallery however is light and airy and has a cafe next door along with Colours May Vary (a fantastic shop) selling beautiful books, prints and magazines.

Outlaws Yacht Club

Leeds Gallery Munro House is an independent commercial art gallery in Leeds, West Yorkshire specialising in Photography, Illustration and Fine Art. With a focus that is both local and national the gallery’s aim is to support local arts and culture while also bringing artists and their work to the city from further afield.

Exhibitions are on a 4 week turnaround. Work is hung using a flexible cable and track-based system, meaning we are able to take the space back to a ‘white box’ relatively quickly – this is particularly useful for ‘pop-up’ exhibitions and events.

Our thoughts

Outlaws is a great place in the centre of town, it is trendy and serves an array of unusual drinks. I am unsure how much wall space they have but there is a lot of floor space to work with. I guess we would have to consider that it is a working bar and the exhibition could not get in the way.

Project Space Leeds

PSL [Project Space Leeds] is an organisation that engages creatively with the practice of contemporary visual art. Founded in 2006, an ethos of supporting, enabling and working collaboratively with practitioners and producers is central to our philosophy..

We enable the production and dissemination of visual art through the programming of our project space and associated activities including events, mentoring, residencies, commissioning, publishing, and off-site projects.

We aim to create opportunities for creative dialogue between practitioners based in Leeds and elsewhere and to position the city on the national and international visual art radar.

Our thoughts

The space seems great, especially when looking at past exhibitions. Our main concern is that it isn't in the most accessible of places in Leeds.

East Street Arts

East Street Arts is a contemporary arts organisation in Leeds. Our mission is to focus on the development of artists through our events programme, membership activities, professional development and studio/facility provision.

Our thoughts

We are not sure what exactly Eat street arts do, however the projects they are working on look exciting and we are currently awaiting their reply. 

Mexico Project Space

Mexico is a space set up and run by artists and curators. Based in Leeds UK, the space was set up to promote curatorial projects in the city. Aiming to facilitate a variety of artists' works and curatorial ideas from around the UK and internationally.

Our thoughts

Mexico Space looks like a fantastic place to hold an exhibition. The look and feel of the space is way up our street, and past exhibitions have been on blogs that we have looked at for inspiration for curating exhibitions. We are currently in the process of email them further details of our idea.

Village Book Store

Village is a new art book store, gallery and publishing house based in The Corn Exchange. We offer a curated selection of contemporary artist books, creative magazines and self-published zines from independent publishers, artists and collectives around the world.

Our thoughts

Village book store is great space in the Corn Exchange. They put on exhibitions which attract the same target audience. The space however is quite small and we have to consider that our artwork would have to sit along side the books and zines in the shop.

Brief 1 : Research Book Layout Inspiration

Barbican Branding 

Some of the examples shown here could be used to create this visual element. The images above are of Barbican brand guidelines, which I think represents the idea of a exhibition well. Theres also some interesting ways in which the information and images can be produced by using layers and type.

Further Layout Research

As we are going to compile all of our research together and create a research booklet for the exhibition, I have been thinking about different ways in which we could present this. I think it would be good, if we could relate the layout of the book to the exhibition, so maybe look at a layout that presents the information as a wall in a exhibition or even a layout for an exhibition guide.

I would like to consider how images are laid out and even the theme of screen printing could be displayed by using layers and colour. Here are some examples below from my personal collection of inspiration that specifically looks at shapes, photography and unusual layouts.