Monday, 21 October 2013

Brief 1 : Research Book Layout Inspiration

Barbican Branding 

Some of the examples shown here could be used to create this visual element. The images above are of Barbican brand guidelines, which I think represents the idea of a exhibition well. Theres also some interesting ways in which the information and images can be produced by using layers and type.

Further Layout Research

As we are going to compile all of our research together and create a research booklet for the exhibition, I have been thinking about different ways in which we could present this. I think it would be good, if we could relate the layout of the book to the exhibition, so maybe look at a layout that presents the information as a wall in a exhibition or even a layout for an exhibition guide.

I would like to consider how images are laid out and even the theme of screen printing could be displayed by using layers and colour. Here are some examples below from my personal collection of inspiration that specifically looks at shapes, photography and unusual layouts.


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