Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Brief 1 : Yoke : Printing the artwork

After receiving all the submission, which was around 140, we paired them off to make the two layers we needed for each screen.

Once we decided on the number of prints we needed, we started the campaign of printing all the art work. We used the print room down at vernon street, because we felt that it is better equipped and the technicians down there are much more helpful. One the first day we went down to print, we got talking to the technicians and told them about the exhibition and how much time we had to print everything. By the end of the day they had given us 8 screens which were going to be put aside for us to use all thes time, this would give us a constant cycle of screens to get all the prints done. We had 2 weeks to get all the prints done which we needed 12 A2, 36 A3 and a lot of A6 posters.

To keep the exhibition ethical and cut down on waste and cost of it all, we recycled stock from around the studio and bits that Nathan and myself had ourselves, the ink we used was pre mixed ink that other students had printed within in the print room.

Through the two weeks we were printing everyday, for as long as possible, most days we were down there from 9 till 6. Doing this was great, we have always loved being in the print room, but for me, it was great fun and something that I really enjoyed. It got me away from my computer and actually making things. Even though I already had the printing skills, I learnt so much and got my printing technique much better through the time spent printing, it was like a crash course! Doing all this printing and spending every day in there, made me realise how much I do like print and the physical printing process and made me think more about doing after uni.

Throughout the time in the print, we photographed and filmed the process, so we could document it and have something to show for the time and hard work we put into this part of the project.

Behind the scenes in the print room!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Brief 16 : Femfresh : Refined branding

Refined branding

Monday, 24 March 2014

Brief 1 : Yoke : Curating Spaces

As it has started to get closer to the opening night, it was time to start getting everything ready for the exhibition space. Nathan's dad was making us some frames, walls, hanging toppers and provided us with some extra lights, Nathan has been sorting that side of things out.

Collecting all the things together and trying out each bit has been good to see how each element is going to come together and work within the space to create the overall feel of the exhibition.

The wooden toppers are going to be on the prints which are hung from the frames, these will hold the prints in place and attach them to the fishing wire we are using to hand the prints. In order to get some idea of how these are going to work and look, Nathan tested them out with some stock I had laying around.

Here is some of our initial inspiration

Nathan and his Dad made these wooden toppers

Brief 1 : Yoke : Exhibition Poster

As we have been spending alot of time down in the print room getting all the prints done for the exhibition, we decided to print the poster which we would use to advertise the exhibition.

This was an obvious choice to make as the whole exhibition is on print. To keep it inline with the exhibition further, we decided to do a two colour print, using similar colours to the prints we had been doing.

The poster was primarily to advertise the opening night, but also to advertise the whole exhibition and the running time of it all. Using the fonts and branding we created at the start of the project we designed a poster together.

The idea of the poster was to use the names of the people that submitted as the base layer, this was for two reasons, the first it shows how many people are involved and that its a wide spread of artists involved as there will be foreign names in and amongst it all and secondly by having peoples name on the poster they will look at it to try and find their own name. The top layer would be the information about the exhibition - this would include opening night details, a brief description of the exhibition, exhibition full running dates and where it is held.

Nathan created a first draft of the poster:

Poster layers

Printed Mock Up

Poster development

We felt that when the two layers came together they didn't work that well together as when apart. The information on the top layer get lost with the names in the background and it feels all too much together. The poster needed more room within it for the eye to wander and look around, there isn't enough white space to allow for this. But this did give us a basis to design from, it just needed to bit a little bit more thought out with the placement of the two layers, especially for when they come together. 

Poster layers

Printed Poster Mock Up

Final Prints

When it came to printing the design, we used GFSmith 270gsm Grey stock, which had left over from the invites we did at the start of the project. This stock was great for screen printing onto as the thickness was good for handling the amount of ink and not curling. We decided to use black as the base colour and overprint with a fluorescent orange.

We were happy with the result of the prints and the finished design looked great as a screen print. We have placed these posters around the college and left a couple down at Vernon Street print room also. Again this should hopefully get some more attention and get more people down to the opening night.

The result of the poster were:

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Brief 1 : Yoke : Video 2

On the first week of printing the work for the exhibition, we started to document the process through videoing certain parts of it. We have carried this on throughout the rest of the time and with it getting closer to the opening night, we thought we would put together another video that shows some more progress.

The first video we did, was received really well and worked well as a promo tool, this one would be more of an update and show the progress we have made with the printing. I think doing this sort of promotion works well on our behalf, but also is a great way for us to document this process of the brief as without these, there would be no evidence of us printing the work and the time and effort that has gone into it, because it has been really intense getting all the prints ready for the exhibition, especially in 2 weeks!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Brief 16 : Femfresh : Packaging development

Making nets & applying the patterns





Applying branding & Information 



Brief 1 : Yoke : Leeds-List Article

From working with the Corn Exchange, we got contacted from the people that organise the lettings for the Corn Exchange. They contacted us to ask us if we would be happy for Leeds-list to write a review on the exhibition and it would be previewed on the website.

We were really happy with this as it would get us some exposure and hopefully get the word out further about the exhibition, opening it up to even more people that what we knew. In terms of the article, we were asked to provide some images and the rest would be done by them, so we were a little out of control of it. When the article was released on the website, the review was great, it reads really well and puts across the whole concept behind the exhibition in a great way. We were really pleased with the result of it and hopefully it will get us some more attention.

You can read the article here:

21 March 2014

Preview: Dialogue at the Corn Exchange

Creative duo Yoke will be exhibiting boundary-pushing art in the Corn Exchange at the end of the month, with Dialogue.

Yoke, made up of designer duo Eve Warren and Nathan Bolton, will be hosting the pop-up exhibition from Thursday 27th March to Thursday 3rd April 2014, with a private viewing the night before. Amongst the traditional exhibitions in Leeds, this showcase will feature fully interactive pieces of visual art, all focused on the theme of dialogue.

Graphic designers in their own right, Yoke requested submissions from artists across the globe, with the only caveat being that the pieces could be manipulated by other artists and vice versa. Given that Dialogue is about communication and conversation the selected works will be paired up in a blind collaboration between artists, culminating in new creations based on the labours of the two.

The works for the exhibition are all A3 sized screen prints so that the artists can merge the two pieces together in an almost organic process. The artists will not be able to choose their creative partner, in order to create work that would not normally be made. They will then be showcased in a unit of Leeds Corn Exchange for the week.

The Corn Exchange isn’t exactly known for its art exhibitions but that shouldn’t hinder the popularity of this non-for-profit event. With works being sold and money going directly into the maintenance and upkeep of Dialogue, you’ve got even more reason to treat yourself.

The art itself will be coming from far and wide, with submissions from Hamburg and beyond as well as many entries from local artists. The showcase is another great example of the varied art exhibitions in Leeds, so make sure you aren’t beaten to the punch for some genuinely unique art – get your visit in early.

Dialogue is being exhibited at Leeds Corn Exchange from Friday 28th March to Thursday 3rd April 2014. Free entry.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Brief 16 : Femfresh : Brand & Packagaing development





Packaging development