Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Brief 16 : Femfresh : Analysing the brief

A quick mind map of my current thoughts regarding the brief

Key information about the brief that I need to achieve 

Background information

Convince young women to try Femfresh.

It has a unique pH-balanced formula developed by experts to care for and look after intimate skin. 

New positioning and communication brought great results: sales and number of users grew by over 30%, with young consumers (up to 24 years old) being the fastest growing group. 

But there is still a lot of work to do: brand penetration is still quite low and there is still some stigma attached to the brand.

Only 5.5% women use Femfresh; most UK women are not aware, that because of the different pH the intimate skin should be taken care of in a special way.

Even if they buy it they often feel embarrassed and stash it in their bathroom cabinet. 

The creative challenge & requirements

We want to bring more young users to the brand. 

Make it part of their daily personal care routine without feeling embarrassed.

You’re free to demonstrate your thinking in any medium or combination of media.

Engage with the target audience

Your campaign will need to have the potential to work across different channels.

Target Audience

Women 18-24 years old, who spend more time looking after themselves.

They use many different personal care products every day.

Brand essence

It’s expert (skin) care for down there

Reason to believe

Ideal pH balance to intimate area (pH 3.8-4.5), different to external skin (pH 5.4-5.9)

Gynaecologically & dermatologically tested products

Brand personality

Sassy, confident, clever, credible


Please include the Femfresh logo within work.


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