Saturday, 10 May 2014

Brief 10 : Being : Choosing stock

The trip to Manchester!

Over the weekend myself and Tom went to manchester to look at the range of stock that was available for us to purchase as there aren't many shops in Leeds offering a wide selection.

Therefore we decided to commute to Manchester to see what they had to offer! Paperchase had an amazing variety of stock to chose from and buy chance Tom found some textured wax paper, that once we saw we knew that was the perfect stock for the brand. Throughout our development we have been trying to create a natural, earthy feel to brand by trying to create this digitally wasn't working however this stock did it for us in that is was textured, waxy to feel and communicate a raw and natural aesthetic. 

As we continued to look at the selection of stock on offer we also found a mint green and pale blue which worked well with the grey's of textured stock. We sampled the paper's together and they worked cohesively the chosen colours also communicated a gender neutral aesthetic. 

Paperchase offered a small selection of Colorplan, and we were lucky to purchase some in a thick weight. Perfect for business and stationary.


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