Thursday, 15 May 2014

Brief 10 : Being : Editing the video

In the end we chose to film at Mrs Atha's. It was a great location as the general vibe and aesthetic of the place was bang on with our concept and branding.

However filming was a challenge as we have to get the lighting correct for the video to be at the standard we aimed it to be. We had to again shoot twice as weren't give cables for the lighting from the photography department. I admit I should have checked but it was again a big blow as we were against the clock. 

However the following morning we were able to shoot again and the set up of the lights went well. We chose Luke and Suzanne to be in our video as they fitted to our target audience and the pair of them were great hand models.

It was my job to film the app Tom designed and animated. I had a list of shots that I needed to achieve which was a fin task, as it meant I got to play around with angle shot and the use of depth of field. I wanted the video to be quite slick therefore I filmed every scene in multiple angles in order to cut to small details. 



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