Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Brief 10 : Being : Brand Development

New developments!

As we had now decided on stock and it's role in communicating the brand values, we need looked at the two concept we'd developed and brought forward the element we felt worked into the final development of the brand. 

We like the use of copy and quotes which incorporated what the brand was about, these quotes we quite intellectual and get you thinking which we felt was appropriate for the target audience. During the development of the final brand the colour palette was already decided by the stock choice we had made however we found that a navy blue worked well for typography to printed on the different stocks in addition to this we also use the blue and green stock colours as ink colours for the darkest of the grey stocks we had. 


We had already decided on Larish Neue as the brand typeface which was a serif font with a historic and medivel-eque vibe to it, however to compliment this typeface we chose a mono typeface which harked back to time when text was created using a typewriter, we felt this was relevant as we were going to be screen printing on to the stock which is a manual process we didn't want to use a sans-serif which would counter act this aesthetic.


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