Thursday, 1 May 2014

Brief 16 : Femfresh : Spring brief


Femfresh offers a range of everyday intimate care products, designed especially for women, to help them stay clean and fresh in their personal areas from am to pm. It has a unique pH-balanced formula developed by experts to care for and look after intimate skin. However research states that the brand penetration is still quite low and there is still some stigma attached to the brand. Only 5.5% women use Femfresh; most UK women are not aware, that because of the different pH the intimate skin should be taken care of in a special way. Also, many people still view the brand with embarrassment and negative associations – as a product for ‘old, smelly women’. Even if they buy it they often feel embarrassed and stash it in their bathroom cabinet. Femfresh describe their brand as sassy, confident, clever and credible. However over the years the campaigns and visual identity of the brand doesn’t tick any of these boxes.

Brief or Tasks

Femfresh want to bring more young users to the brand. Therefore the creative challenge is to create a campaign, which involves the development of a new sub brand aimed at younger users. The goal is to convince women to try Femfresh, and make it part of their daily personal care routine without feeling embarrassed. To do so, build a brand that extends to multiple channels that includes branding, packaging and an advertising campaign. It is important to develop marketing strategies aimed at young women who spend time looking after themselves and who are actively looking for beauty messages. Ideas should be concept driven, and then applied through to the design of the packaging and advertising campaign creating an adaptable and versatile product identity that relates to its target audience.

Preparation/Research suggestions
- Existing cosmetic packaging on the market from all price ranges and audiences from value within supermarkets to luxury packaging in a bespoke retail store.

- Branding of products currently aimed purely at women that promote a positive body image and a healthy lifestyle.

- Possible packaging formats.

- Beauty and healthcare advertising campaigns

- Target audience – what products do they buy / what clothes do they wear

- Existing cosmetic campaigns i.e Birchbox

- An investigation in Femfresh and their current adverting / products

Evidence – for this project students should submit

- On going documentation on blog, including research processes, development cycles and final resolutions.

- A minimum of 4 – 5 boards documentation the entire design process

- Clear photos depicting final work produced for the defined solution.

- Written evaluation to be included on blog

Mandatory Requirements

- A series of cosmetic packaging

- A sample box – part of campaign

- Branding

- Advertising campaign


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