Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Brief 1 : Invitation mock up

Today Nathan and myself mocked up the format for our invitations. Through our research we really liked creating a dialogue through the use of format, materials and print processes. 


Below shows a A5 booklet with slits in the cover to hold the invitations. The A5 booklet would hold information about the exhibition and the invitation would be screen printed with a perforation cut out of the Yoke logo.  We are looking into GFSmith paper stock that would robust enough to hold the invitation, plus we want it to be quite tactile.


The yoke logo is made up of 3 shapes which make up an versatile and dynamic identity. This could be explored in the invitations. We even talked about embossing the logo over the screen print with a copper plate. 


We want to produce a interactive envelope through the use of different materials. Our idea is vinyl cut our the 'Dialogue' and 'Yoke' logos and stick them onto the front of the envelope. As for the envelope we intend to sew around the seams so the recipricant has to physically rip open the envelope. We even cut out a stencil to work with.


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