Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Brief 2 : Nada

Initially this brief was given to me by a client who asked me to produce branding and packaging for a new pasta based product. I reached out to Tom and asked if him if he would like to collaborate with me on the project as I has strong branding skills and he have strong skills within packaging design. He accepted my offer to collaborate together.

During out first meeting myself and Tom went through the brief which essentially gave us creative control to do as we please with the name, branding and packaging. At this point the brand was called Skinny, Tasty, Love Me. For many reason we hated the brand name, it was too long, there are negative connotations around the word skinny and it generally didn't suit the product it's not a short and memorable like any new product launching in crowded market needs to be! We therefore decided to change the name and went on the develop a range of possible ideas. After brainstorming for a good couple of hours we came up with the name 'Nada' it's short and quirky but it also means nothing or zero which fits the products goal of being a healthy pasta with very little calories.

We put forward the name to the client as she liked the name but said she needed to keep the original name  of Skinny, Tasty, Love Me due to it being in the business and various other reasons. She also said at the point the packaging had to be a plastic bag and the it also had to include russian dolls within the design of the packaging. So essentially the we don't have the creative control initially sold to us - the client actually has a clear idea of what they want.

Myself and Tom then took the executive decision to produce the work for the client to her specification and then we will produce our own version of the brand as by this point we've already developed possible concepts for the brand that we really want to develop further.


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